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CredNgo is an advanced credentialing software created for tracking applications, documentation, and a systematic follow-up module with multiple features that make the hassle of credentialing a cakewalk for any facility. Adopt to all your Business Needs. We've Packed with everything you need.

Our Key Features

CredNgo is integrated with CAQH, NPPES. It cuts down on the time spent on administration by making it easier to connect to CAQH and NPPES’s database.

CredNgo aims to simplify the credentialing process by gathering both the practice and the providers’ data and securely storing it to our cloud-based software. This will help in tracking the contract and the application status of each Provider. The credentialing manager can track the progress by reviewing the follow-up notes that the team has left.

CredNgo will send alerts or reminders to the particular provider or the practice prior to each important document's expiration such as employee certifications, contracts, licenses, insurance & more. This reminder is automated and will only stop after the document is renewed and will ensure you will never have to come across any surprises.

The software can be accessible from anywhere in the world and on any device. The interface is designed in such a way that you grasp the software easily. Our team of specialists will help you at any time and you can expect the software to be constantly updated to meet your needs.
CredNgo will generate a production summary that will summarize the work done by your team. Report with contract expiration data. The other report is the production data report.
Our self-onboarding portal is accessible through an invitation link in which the provider is requested to fill out an extensive form. These details will be automatically populated whenever a form is filled and submitted. This will save administrative time and ensure you have all the required information.
Credngo stores your data in a secure way. It is HIPAA compliant. You can be rest assured that your data will never be lost or will be.

CredNgo is a credentialing software solutions with comprehensive and robust systems that allow for the use of electronic forms and e-signatures can greatly benefit healthcare professionals.

Other Features

Contract Tracking

Workflow automation

Productivity Tracking

Follow-Up Notes

User-friendly interface

Centralized license

CredNgo All in One Place

All in One Place

Credentialing might occasionally feel like the opening of Pandora’s box. When you open up enrollments, background checks, exclusions, and licensing verifications all appear. Credentialing is a time-consuming process that is a pain on your side because there are so many moving parts.

Why switch to credngo?

Save time — no searching for files or gathering information from busy doctors

Keep staff in compliance

Alerts notify you ahead of expiration deadlines

Digitize crucial credential information just once and access it anytime

Easily send credentials to any other organization

Avoid costly system transition fees


user friendly dashboard


All devices Friendly


Customer Feedback

We help you stay on top

When it comes to credentialing, there is literally money on the line.

Wouldn’t it be magical to have everything you need in one place? Our automated Credngo software for healthcare has that and more.

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Additional $5 per provider

Our current monthly rates for the platform are really low with a fee of $49 for the software per facility and an additional $5 per provider.

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Feedback from clients

Why People Love CredNgo

Credngo is an amazing software! After using it, I can’t imagine using any other software.

Chief Administrative Officer

The accessibility of CredNgo is a big help. We are able to access the software from anywhere and any device.

Clinical Director

CredNgo is an easy way to onboard our employees and safely save their documents.

ABA Owner

The customer support team is very helpful. They are easily accessible and they hold her hands whenever needed.!

Director Of Operations

CredNgo have helped me a lot in managing my staff’s documents. Now, I know when someone’s certificate is expiring, what is happening with my staff’s credentialing process.

Credentialing Manager

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